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How Does Airbag Inflator Work?

How Does Airbag Inflator Work?

Do you know what an airbag inflator is? Yes, it is a component of the airbag where a gas is produced as a result of which the airbag inflates.

In 1990’s various cars makers makes the use of one size fits all inflator in the airbag; which means when the sensor of the airbag sent the deployment signal, the airbag gets deployed with the equivalent force regardless of the accident circumstances. However, at that time the dual stage inflators were feasible.

But now many car companies are using dual stage inflator by the use of multi stage technology. These inflators make the adjustment of the deployment force depending on the sensitivity of the crash, use of the seat belt, etc.

In a modern car, various types of airbags are present. One of them is the frontal airbag where two different types of inflators are present. The first inflator makes the use of solid chemicals that burns in a rapid manner in order to produce nitrogen gas whereas the other type of inflator uses stored gas, which is nothing but a mixture of helium and argon that gets heated and fills the bag.

When any of these airbag inflators deploys, a gas is produced which comprises of the by product of the combustion process comprising of dangerous gases like benzene, toluene, etc. And this is the main reason why many people face breathing problems when any crashes occur.

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