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Seat Belt Pretensioner

Pretensioner devices can be added to any of the belt anchorage points and there are typically three different types of seatbelt pretensioners:
  • Retractor pretensioner
  • Buckle pretensioner
  • Anchor Pretensioners

Airbag Clock Spring

An Airbag Clockspring is an assembly that contains a spirally wound flat ribbon to allow the steering wheel to be turned while maintaining a constant electrical connection to the driver airbag, horn and other electrical steering wheel mounted controls.
The Airbag Clockspring is mounted on the steering column and can be usually found under the steering wheel.

Dashboard Leather

Refurbishing damaged seats in your vehicle not only enhances its appearance and comfort, but boosts the overall value of your investment as well. Whether you have faded or worn leather seats, or a damaged leather steering wheel, We can repair it.