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Airbag Inflator

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PTseatbelt.com is a professional supplier of airbag inflator. Our main business focuses on the aftermarket. We supply the products
for many countries, such as USA, Mexico,Canada,etc. We started airbag inflator field since 1997.We offer all kinds of Airbag Inflator, the products are OEM quality with affordalbe price.
Please search in upper of the page,type your keywords( such as item No., car brand, product descriptions etc.) in search box, try to find out what you need products. If you still can’t find,please leave us a message.

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1.Airbag inflator belongs to dangerous cargo, are you able to export?

Answer: In China, it also belongs to automobile accessories and there is no problem on exporting.

2.How can we purchase your products?

1)Please provide car type, samples or choose from our product list
2)If this is the first time to order our products, it is suggested to begin with small batches.

3.How to pay?

Answer:We accept T/T, Paypal, West Union.

4.After receiving the goods, what if we test to find your product unqualified?

Answer: If it is found that our product is unqualified after testing, we will be responsible for the fault and we offer two choices for you:
1.We will offer the full refund ;
2. We will examine the products carefully to find the problems and send you the new products ASAP .
Furthermore, there is no need for you to send the unqualified goods back.