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Easy Ways on Replacing the Airbag of Your Vehicle

Easy Ways on Replacing the Airbag of Your Vehicle

An airbag, otherwise known as a supplementary restraint system is a safety equipment that is installed on automobiles for the protection of the divers as well as the passengers from the impact injuries associated with the collisions of the vehicles. It comprises of inflators that contains strong chemicals like sodium azide and a mixture of helium and argon. When this inflators deploys, a gas is producedwhich comprises of the byproduct of the combustion process and affects the driver as well as passengers. Remember, the airbag can rupture anytime whenever any collision occurs. So, you need to have some basic ideaon how to replace airbags?

Does not matter whether it is a car or any other vehicle, in order to replace the airbag first of all you need to disconnect the battery of the vehicle. The best way to carryout this is to remove the negative battery terminal. Secondly, remove all the fuses of the airbag and try to keep a note of their location and size so that it can be easier for you to replace them in a proper manner. Thirdly, it is required to disassemble the covering of the steering wheels so that the old air bag can be accessed.

If you are replacing an old air bag, make sure to take out the bag and disconnect the plug present on the back of the airbag. If you are trying to install a new airbag, plug the airbag into the receptacle at the back of recessed area. Then, make sure to attach the bag into the recess and replace all the components of the steering column.Fourthly, repeat this method with all of the airbags that needs to be replaced.After installing all the bags,replace the fuses that were removed previously and reconnect the battery.

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