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Why our airbag parts are a good choice for your car?

Why our airbag parts are a good choice for your car?

An airbag is a cushion that is inflatable and is designed to offer protection to the occupants of a vehicle in the event of an accident. An airbag includes an airbag cover (also called a steering wheel cover),airbag inflator and fabric bag. Airbags protect you, but who protects them? Air bags have to be shielded against damage to make sure they are reliable during a vehicle’s entire lifespan. That is where airbag covers come in. Air bag covers are made from high quality plastic that protect the air bag from external damage and usually require less space for assembly.

A lot of manufacturers offer airbag replacement parts, but at high prices. Airbagpart.com is your one stop shop for air bag replacement parts that are of high quality and are affordably priced as well. We produce air bag parts such as airbag covers, airbag inflators and airbag clock springs.

An air bag clock spring connects the airbag inflator plug with a wire harness. The steering wheel rotates, therefore needs the airbag clock spring which acts like a connector; one side connects the airbag inflator which will rotate, and another side connects with a wire harness.

An airbag is a security feature and we understand that our clients want to feel safe when using their vehicles. We promise you that our airbag parts are of high quality, the same kind as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, the only difference being that our parts are much cheaper.

We run several quality tests during production of our parts and also pull a sample of the inflators from production and run full-scale tests in a bid to establish the amount of pressure against time in milliseconds. This gives us an idea of the system’s ability to create a certain amount of gas at a particular rate. This ensures there is proper air bag inflation.

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